Re: [RFC PATCH 1/1] OvmfPkg: add 'initrd' shell command to expose Linux initrd via device path

Ni, Ray

(3) However: I think this should be added as a Dynamic Command instead.
I'm basing this on the message of commit 0961002352e9 ("ShellPkg/tftp:
Convert from NULL class library to Dynamic Command", 2017-11-28), which
is the first commit in edk2 ever to introduce a Dynamic Command.

And the commit message there says:

The guideline is:
1. Only use NULL class library for Shell spec defined commands.
2. New commands can be provided as not only a standalone application
but also a dynamic command. So it can be used either as an
internal command, but also as a standalone application.

I'm not asking for the command to be usable as a separate application,
but I think we might want to follow the first guideline.

(I've checked the UEFI Shell 2.2 spec. While it talks about dynamic
commands, it does not seem to spell out guideline#1. So I think it's
rather an edk2-specific guideline than a standard one. Nonetheless we
might want to adhere to it.)
Laszlo, thanks for the comments­čśŐ.
I didn't remember that I said these guideline publicly.
The reason behind that is we can have the same shell binary everywhere
and new non-spec commands can be added through dynamic command without
impacting the shell binary.


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