Re: A problem with live migration of UEFI virtual machines

Alex Bennée <alex.bennee@...>

wuchenye1995 <wuchenye1995@...> writes:

Hi all,
We found a problem with live migration of UEFI virtual machines due to size of OVMF.fd changes.
Specifically, the size of OVMF.fd in edk with low version such as edk-2.0-25 is 2MB while the size of it in higher version such as edk-2.0-30 is 4MB.
When we migrate a UEFI virtual machine from the host with low version of edk2 to the host with higher one, qemu component will report an error in function qemu_ram_resize while
checking size of ovmf_pcbios: Length mismatch: pc.bios: 0x200000 in != 0x400000: Invalid argument.
We want to know how to solve this problem after updating the
version of edk2.
You can only migrate a machine that is identical - so instantiating a
empty machine with a different EDK image is bound to cause a problem
because the machines don't match.

Alex Bennée

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