Shell feature?

Andrew Fish

I wanted to start a conversation on the mailing list prior to writing up a BZ, to make sure I'm not missing anything, or in case there is a better way to implement this.

I was thinking it would be good to have a Shell API that lets you associate a file type with an internal or external shell command. The Idea would be to pre-pend the internal/external shell command to the file name and also pass the arguments.

So this:
fs0:> 1 2 3

fs0:>python3.efi 1 2 3

Basically you just need an API like:

ShellAddScriptingLanguage (L".py", L"python3.efi");

Seems like this could just plug into the Shell via a ShellExecute(). So for example you could make Python a UEFI Shell command via a library and that library constructor could also teach the shell that a .py file could be an executable?


Andrew Fish

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