Re: [Patch v3 00/22] Enable Phase 1 of EDK II CI

Laszlo Ersek

On 11/01/19 23:39, Laszlo Ersek wrote:

* When I submitted PR#87, there had been no conflicts; the PR was simply
blocked on the CI tasks. Now, there are conflicts (I assume due to
intervening pushes, while my PR#87 was blocked). It's useful that the
WebUI points out this change in the status of the PR (i.e., "now
conflicting" vs. "no conflicts just waiting for CI"). However, this
status change has not been emailed to me.

When this occurs to a PR (for example due to an intervening PR that is
merged), what happens to the pre-empted PR? Does it remain suspended
forever? How does the submitter learn about it?
Correction: I did get an email stating "PR can not be merged due to
conflict. Please rebase and resubmit".

I missed it temporarily because it was apparently only sent to:

tianocore/edk2-staging <>

and so it got filed into one of my list folders, not in my inbox.

I think this is OK after all.


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