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Liming Gao


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This is the history reason. Before, Edk2 BaseTools included the binary
Windows tools in BaseTools\Bin\Win32. There is no
BaseTools/BinWrappers/WindowsLike directory.

When migrate BaseTools Windows tools from binary to source build, Edk2
BaseTools C source is still compiled to BaseTools\Bin\Win32 directory. Because
BaseTools\Bin\Win32 is set into system PATH env, there is no requirement to
add their wrapper scripts in BaseTools/BinWrappers/WindowsLike directory.

Thanks for the answer, I was guessing it was related to the history difference
with the tools.

I ran some experiments years ago and calling the C function through the bash
script seemed to take up 5% of the build time. Would it make sense to use a
path for Unix builds too vs. the wrappers?
Thanks for your comments. I will try this way. If it could improve the build performance,
it is valuable to make this change.


Andrew Fish

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Subject: [edk2-devel] BaseTools/BinWrappers question?

Why does BaseTools/BinWrappers/WindowsLike only have wrappers for
Python commands, while BaseTools/BinWrappers/PosixLike has
wrappers for C based tools too?


Andrew Fish

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