Re: [Patch V4 06/10] EmulatorPkg: Fix XCODE5 lldb issues

Jordan Justen

On 2019-08-16 08:09:55, Kinney, Michael D wrote:

It is not a typo.

Andrew generated the XCODE specific changes, so they have
been tested by him.
In that case, is the git author for the patches set to Andrew? If it
was, I would expect to see a line inside the email body with:

From: Andrew Fish <>

Git does that for patches where the sender doesn't match the patch

You might want to rebase and run:

git commit --amend --author="Andrew Fish <>" --reset-author

to change the author.

I expect you might want to add Reviewed-by for yourself on these
patches to help speed things along. If Andrew authored the patch, you
reviewed it, and with a quick review it looked good to me, I would
probably add an Acked-by for some of the patches.


I have also reviewed and tested the XCODE
changes and verified that all 6 combinations build and boot
to shell (IA32/X64 for RELEASE/DEBUG/NOOPT). Since they are
all related to making EmulatorPkg work, we decided to fold
them into the same patch set that was already being reviewed.

I also verified build and boot to shell for 6 combinations
on GCC5 (IA32/X64 for RELEASE/DEBUG/NOOPT) and the 12
combinations of VS2015/VS2017, IA323/X64, RELEASE/DEBUG/NOOPT.

I have been working on some CI experiments using Azure Pipelines.
Here is a pointer to the build logs for all the combinations
listed above.


-----Original Message-----
From: Justen, Jordan L
Sent: Friday, August 16, 2019 12:41 AM
To: Kinney, Michael D <>;
Cc: Ni, Ray <>; Andrew Fish
Subject: Re: [Patch V4 06/10] EmulatorPkg: Fix XCODE5
lldb issues

On 2019-08-15 19:14:33, Michael D Kinney wrote:
Fix scripts to support lldb symbolic debugging when
using XCODE5 tool

Cc: Jordan Justen <>
Cc: Ray Ni <>
Cc: Michael D Kinney <>
Signed-off-by: Andrew Fish <>
Is this a Cc/Signed-off-by typo? (See also, patches 7-

This makes me wonder if you are taking advantage of the
git commit -s switch to add your Signed-off-by.

Also, I'm wondering if you are taking advantage of git-
send-email automatically Cc'ing the addresses you
listed in the commit message.
(I thought it Cc'd for the author and Cc tags, but I
wasn't sure about the Signed-off-by tag, and yet I see
Andrew was Cc'd.)

There's a couple long lines below. You could use \ at
the end of the line to split the .sh line. I think the
cd can be a separate command in a shell script. (Not in

I hope someone that uses the XCODE toolchain could
review/check the XCODE patches.


EmulatorPkg/Unix/ | 8 +++++---
EmulatorPkg/ | 17 ++---------------
2 files changed, 7 insertions(+), 18 deletions(-)

diff --git a/EmulatorPkg/Unix/
index 218326b8cb..099192d8b5 100755
--- a/EmulatorPkg/Unix/
+++ b/EmulatorPkg/Unix/
@@ -346,6 +346,7 @@ def TypePrintFormating(debugger):
debugger.HandleCommand("type summary add CHAR8 -
-python-function lldbefi.CHAR8_TypeSummary")
debugger.HandleCommand('type summary add --regex
\[[0-9]+\]" --python-function

+ debugger.HandleCommand('setting set frame-format
+ #${frame.index}: ${frame.pc}{
+ at ${line.file.fullpath}:${line.number}}\n"')

gEmulatorBreakWorkaroundNeeded = True

@@ -381,15 +382,16 @@ def
LoadEmulatorEfiSymbols(frame, bp_loc , internal_dict):
Error = lldb.SBError()
FileNamePtr = frame.FindVariable
FileNameLen = frame.FindVariable
FileName =
(FileNamePtr, FileNameLen, Error)
if not Error.Success():
print "!ReadCStringFromMemory() did not find
a %d byte C string at %x" % (FileNameLen, FileNamePtr)
# make breakpoint command contiue
- frame.GetThread().GetProcess().Continue()
+ return False

debugger =
if frame.FindVariable
("AddSymbolFlag").GetValueAsUnsigned() == 1:
- LoadAddress = frame.FindVariable
+ LoadAddress = frame.FindVariable
+ ("LoadAddress").GetValueAsUnsigned() - 0x240

debugger.HandleCommand ("target modules add
%s" % FileName)
print "target modules load --slid 0x%x %s" %
FileName) @@ -405,7 +407,7 @@ def
LoadEmulatorEfiSymbols(frame, bp_loc , internal_dict):
print "!
(%s) FAILED" %

# make breakpoint command contiue
- frame.thread.process.Continue()
+ return False

def GuidToCStructStr (guid, Name=False):
diff --git a/EmulatorPkg/
b/EmulatorPkg/ index
60056e1b6c..35912a7775 100755
--- a/EmulatorPkg/
+++ b/EmulatorPkg/
@@ -209,21 +209,8 @@ fi
if [[ "$RUN_EMULATOR" == "yes" ]]; then
case `uname` in
- #
- # On Darwin we can't use dlopen, so we have to
load the real PE/COFF images.
- # This .gdbinit script sets a breakpoint that
loads symbols for the PE/COFFEE
- # images that get loaded in Host
- #
- if [[ "$CLANG_VER" == *-ccc-host-triple* ]]
- then
- # only older versions of Xcode support -ccc-
host-tripe, for newer versions
- # it is -target
- cp $WORKSPACE/EmulatorPkg/Unix/
- cd $BUILD_ROOT_ARCH; /usr/bin/lldb --source
$WORKSPACE/EmulatorPkg/Unix/lldbinit Host
- exit $?
- else
- cp $WORKSPACE/EmulatorPkg/Unix/.gdbinit
- fi
+ cd $BUILD_ROOT_ARCH; /usr/bin/lldb -o "command
script import $WORKSPACE/EmulatorPkg/Unix/" -
o 'script lldb.debugger.SetAsync(True)' -o "run" ./Host
+ exit $?


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