[PATCH v2 0/6] Acpiview table parsers code style enhancements and refactoring

Krzysztof Koch

This set of patches consists of a number of changes which make the code
structure consistent across the existing ACPI table parsers. These are
all refactoring changes which do not modify the existing functionality
of the acpiview UEFI shell tool.

Changes can be seen at: https://github.com/KrzysztofKoch1/edk2/tree/612_acpiview_code_style_enhance_v2

Krzysztof Koch (6):
ShellPkg: acpiview: Allow passing buffer length to DumpGasStruct()
ShellPkg: acpiview: XSDT: Remove redundant ParseAcpi() call
ShellPkg: acpiview: RSDP: Make code consistent with other parsers
ShellPkg: acpiview: SRAT: Minor code style enhancements
ShellPkg: acpiview: MADT: Split structure length validation
ShellPkg: acpiview: IORT: Refactor PMCG node mapping count validation

ShellPkg/Library/UefiShellAcpiViewCommandLib/AcpiParser.c | 26 +++++++++-------
ShellPkg/Library/UefiShellAcpiViewCommandLib/AcpiParser.h | 8 +++--
ShellPkg/Library/UefiShellAcpiViewCommandLib/Parsers/Dbg2/Dbg2Parser.c | 2 +-
ShellPkg/Library/UefiShellAcpiViewCommandLib/Parsers/Iort/IortParser.c | 32 ++++++++++++++------
ShellPkg/Library/UefiShellAcpiViewCommandLib/Parsers/Madt/MadtParser.c | 30 +++++++++++++-----
ShellPkg/Library/UefiShellAcpiViewCommandLib/Parsers/Rsdp/RsdpParser.c | 11 +++++--
ShellPkg/Library/UefiShellAcpiViewCommandLib/Parsers/Srat/SratParser.c | 3 +-
ShellPkg/Library/UefiShellAcpiViewCommandLib/Parsers/Xsdt/XsdtParser.c | 18 +++--------
8 files changed, 82 insertions(+), 48 deletions(-)


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