Re: UEFI SCT Build Broken

Ashish Singhal

Hi Eric,

That's right. I meant the latest tag in my email. Thanks for updating this in the bug I filed as well.


From: Jin, Eric <eric.jin@...>
Sent: Wednesday, June 12, 2019 3:18 AM
To: Ashish Singhal; Supreeth Venkatesh;
Cc: Jin, Eric
Subject: RE: UEFI SCT Build Broken

Hi Ashish,


Thank for raising this issue.

UEFI SCT build pass with edk2-stable201903, and fail on edk2-stable201905, because edk2 drop the IPF support (4e1daa60f5372c22a11503961061ffa569eaf873).

UEFI SCT can remove IPF support too. I can follow it tomorrow. Thanks.



Best Regards



From: Ashish Singhal <ashishsingha@...>
Sent: Wednesday, June 12, 2019 4:26 AM
To: Supreeth Venkatesh <Supreeth.Venkatesh@...>; Jin, Eric <eric.jin@...>;
Subject: Re: UEFI SCT Build Broken




It is broken against both edk2 tip as well as latest edk2 tag edk2-stable201903.


I have filed a bugzilla bug for the same.




From: Supreeth Venkatesh <Supreeth.Venkatesh@...>
Sent: Tuesday, June 11, 2019 1:36 PM
To: Ashish Singhal; Eric Jin;
Subject: RE: UEFI SCT Build Broken




We are working towards fixing the issue for the next SCT tag corresponding to edk2 tag.

Can you please let us know whether you are referring to edk2 tip or which edk2 tag (edk2-stable201903)?


If possible, could you log a bug entry in bugzillafor edk2-test/SCT component?





From: Ashish Singhal <ashishsingha@...>
Sent: Tuesday, June 11, 2019 12:18 PM
To: Supreeth Venkatesh <Supreeth.Venkatesh@...>; Eric Jin <eric.jin@...>;
Subject: UEFI SCT Build Broken


Hello Eric/Supreeth,


With the latest edk2 tag, UEFI SCT tip build is broken. Seems like it needs Guid/SalSystemTable.h header file which is not in edk2 tree any more. Is a fix for this already being looked at?




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