[PATCH] IntelFsp2Pkg: Locate FSP Info Header dynamically

Satya Yarlagadda <satya.p.yarlagadda@...>

we need to locate the FSP Info Header by calculating offset dynamically to
handle the scenario of FSP component is being rebased to different location.

Cc: Maurice Ma <maurice.ma@intel.com>
Cc: Jiewen Yao <jiewen.yao@intel.com>
Cc: Giri P Mudusuru <giri.p.mudusuru@intel.com>
Contributed-under: TianoCore Contribution Agreement 1.0
Signed-off-by: Satya Yarlagadda <satya.p.yarlagadda@intel.com>
IntelFsp2Pkg/FspSecCore/Ia32/FspHelper.nasm | 18 +++++++++---------
1 file changed, 9 insertions(+), 9 deletions(-)

diff --git a/IntelFsp2Pkg/FspSecCore/Ia32/FspHelper.nasm b/IntelFsp2Pkg/FspSecCore/Ia32/FspHelper.nasm
index 00e953b..7d5fa5e 100644
--- a/IntelFsp2Pkg/FspSecCore/Ia32/FspHelper.nasm
+++ b/IntelFsp2Pkg/FspSecCore/Ia32/FspHelper.nasm
@@ -14,22 +14,22 @@

global ASM_PFX(FspInfoHeaderRelativeOff)
- ;
- ; This value will be pached by the build script
- ;
- DD 0x12345678

global ASM_PFX(AsmGetFspBaseAddress)
- mov eax, ASM_PFX(AsmGetFspInfoHeader)
- sub eax, dword [ASM_PFX(FspInfoHeaderRelativeOff)]
+ call ASM_PFX(AsmGetFspInfoHeader)
add eax, 0x1C
mov eax, dword [eax]

global ASM_PFX(AsmGetFspInfoHeader)
- mov eax, ASM_PFX(AsmGetFspInfoHeader)
- sub eax, dword [ASM_PFX(FspInfoHeaderRelativeOff)]
+ call ASM_PFX(NextInstruction)
+ pop eax
+ sub eax, ASM_PFX(NextInstruction)
+ add eax, ASM_PFX(AsmGetFspInfoHeader)
+ ;sub eax, 012345678h
+ DB 02Dh
+ASM_PFX(FspInfoHeaderRelativeOff): DD 0x12345678

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