Re: bugzilla whining

Michael D Kinney


I have changed the global email setting for 'whinedays' to 0 to disable
that built-in Whine Event.

This means the only whine messages that should occur are Whine Events
added by individual users or administrators.

FYI...I had enabled that feature to make sure the cron jobs were
running correctly. Thanks for verifying :)

Best regards,


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From: Laszlo Ersek []
Sent: Friday, July 29, 2016 12:40 AM
To: Kinney, Michael D <>
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Subject: bugzilla whining

Hello Mike,

I got my first ever bugzilla whine today. It says "All of these bugs are
in the CONFIRMED state, and have not been touched in 7 days or more."

I'm not amused. :) I keep a very close eye on my BZs and I don't welcome
automated whines.

I checked the Bugzilla 5 documentation about whines:

I confirmed on my account (under Preferences | Permissions) that I have
the "bz_canusewhines" permission (--> "User can configure whine reports
for self"). However, when I go to Administration | Whining, it seems
that I can only create new whines -- I don't seem to have any personal
whines set up at the moment.

Which makes me think that this is a central default. Can we please make
it a personal setting instead?

Thank you,

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