Re: DxeCapsuleLib returns Status Issue

Yao, Jiewen

That is good problem statement.

Do you think we can use Capsule Status Variable to record such information?
It is defined in UEFI spec - "7.5.6 UEFI variable reporting on the Success or any Errors encountered in processing of capsules after restart"

The application can use this standard way to check status.

Thank you
Yao Jiewen

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Hi EDK2 Developers,

We are incorporating DxeCapsuleLib for FMP Capsule Update into our UEFI
product, but we are hitting few issues as described below.

In case of Capsule Update "SetImage" is randomly done for all the FMP
Handles in case Image Type Id GUID and Image Index matches (this is
expected as there might be multiple similar hardware), but looks like the
returns of each FMP update is not handled.
For example if there are 5 FMP handles (can be for different-different
devices) and assume that any particular device handle is at 3rd index,
therefore the update goes through successfully on the 3rd attempt but since
HandleCount value is 5 it tries further with 4th and 5th Handle. This 4th & 5th
Handle attempt can fail for any of the calls within the FMP Handle "for loop"
(HandleProtocol/GetImageInfo) and hence the final status is returned as
FAILURE to application layer.

Below is the code-snippet from DxeCapsuleLib.c , in case of HandleProtocol
& GetImageInfo failure, "for" loop for Handle count is continued and the
previous Status value is over-written with this new return (return from
HandleProtocol & GetImageInfo) and finally returned to application.

Proposed Solution:-
Can ProcessFmpCapsuleImage() have an extra OUT parameter which gives
the list of all successful FMP Handles along with the updated GUID values, so
that any application can make the judgment of Update SUCCESS/FAILURE
based on FMP Handle and proceed accordingly at application layer.

Ankit Singh

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