[Bug 95] New: Incorrect GIC Version in Acpi51.h

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Bug ID: 95
Summary: Incorrect GIC Version in Acpi51.h
Product: EDK2
Version: Current
Hardware: Other
OS: All
Severity: major
Priority: Lowest
Component: Code
Assignee: michael.d.kinney(a)intel.com
Reporter: Alexei.Fedorov(a)arm.com
CC: edk2-bugs(a)lists.01.org

edk2\MdePkg\Include\IndustryStandard\Acpi51.h defines:
/// GIC Version
#define EFI_ACPI_5_1_GIC_V2 0x01
#define EFI_ACPI_5_1_GIC_V2m 0x02
#define EFI_ACPI_5_1_GIC_V3 0x03
#define EFI_ACPI_5_1_GIC_V4 0x04

but ACPI_5_1_Errata_B lists:

"GIC version
0x00: No GIC version is specified, fall back to hardware discovery for GIC
0x01: GICv1
0x02: GICv2
0x03: GICv3
0x04: GICv4
0x05-0xFF, Reserved for future use."

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