[Bug 3987] Adds a new memory allocation boot service GetMemoryMapEx that carries a memory feature support bitmap.



--- Comment #20 from Dionna Glaze <dionnaglaze@...> ---
So is self-report kernel binary bit still an option?
It's unlikely, but maybe we can convince Linux upstream that it's really
necessary. There's a mechanism for it in the boot protocol called kernel_info.

Shall we also consider the minimal amount of the memory that kernel needs. So that FW can accept that amount of memory then let OS handle the left unaccept-mem.
We could add a 64-bit entry in kernel_info called required_accepted_memory and
only have it be non-zero if the kernel supports unaccepted memory.

Ard, what do you think about this? I think since it involves necessary
information for booting (accepting the right amount of memory), this should fit
in the boot protocol.

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