[Bug 3987] Add a new standard protocol for disabling the behavior of accepting all memory at ExitBootServices



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Several comments:

You make reference to a EFI_MEMORY_ACCEPTANCE_PROTOCOL.Disable(), but there
isn't one in the protocol definition.

The memory types are an enum, so theoretically if you're going to do an accept
of a memory region that's decorated as a EfiUnacceptedMemoryType, what then
does it become? How does this memory look like in the GUEST view of the memory
map? EfiConventionalMemory? Whatever the answer, that needs to be documented as

Current language:

The UEFI shall accept all memory any time before ExitBootServices returns if it
does not provide this protocol. The UEFI shall not accept all memory until
ExitBootServices is called if the protocol is provided.

This protocol and acceptance behavior ensures that the UEFI safely supports
OSes that don’t interpret the new EfiUnacceptedMemory type and those that do.

--- I don't understand the nuance you're grasping at here, because things
triggered by ExitBootServices() aren't support to change the memory map, so
ignore the whole ExitBootServices thing and describe what you want/problem
statement - we can try to convert that to compliant language.

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