[Bug 3976] New: RAS2 Extensions



Bug ID: 3976
Summary: RAS2 Extensions
Product: EDK2 Code First
Version: Current
Hardware: All
OS: All
Severity: normal
Priority: Lowest
Component: Specification Update
Assignee: unassigned@...
Reporter: thanu.rangarajan@...
CC: edk2+bugs+int+994+563148131503455288@groups.io
EDK II Code First ACPI Specification
industry standard

This ECR pertains to enhancements to the RAS2 table for improved patrol scrub

The following extensions are being proposed:
1. Definition of a "nominal" scrub rate a la CPPC, that allows platform to
describe the scrub rate as a real value.
2. Extension of the maximum and minimum scrub rates as a percentage of the
nominal rate.
3. A cost factor associated with the above definitions, for OS to make informed
decision regarding bandwidth/power vs. RAS tradeoffs.

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