[Bug 3944] ResetSystemPei fails after memory migration



--- Comment #2 from Maciej Czajkowski <maciej.czajkowski@...> ---
None of the modules that are exposing the reset callbacks were reinstalling
them after memory migration, however that is only a part of the problem. The
issue is that even with reinstallation added, reset still fails due to presence
of old callback (from pre migration phase) in the reset notify list. Currently,
we have a workaround that:
- reinstalls the reset notify at gEfiPeiMemoryDiscoveredPpiGuid
- stores pre migration pointer value in the HOB for every reset callback
installation, and uninstalls it on gEfiPeiMemoryDiscoveredPpiGuid event
However, we think that this should be handled somehow on the EDK2 level. There
is a risk that a developer that is not aware of this problem can introduce the
next failure point that may occur only in specific corner case.

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