[Bug 3874] Unground expectations in SimpleTextInEx->ReadKeyStrokeEx Test



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--- Comment #2 from Heinrich Schuchardt <xypron.glpk@...> ---
KeyData.KeyState describes the modifier keys (shift, meta, alt). If only one or
multiple of these keys are pressed EFI_NOT_READY is the correct status.

The specification explicitly requires: "UEFI drivers which implement the
EFI_SIMPLE_TEXT_INPUT_EX protocol are required to return KeyData.Key and
KeyData.KeyState values." It does not foresee invalid data in these fields.

Non-zero Key.Key.ScanCode or Key.Key.UnicodeChar would mean that a non-modifier
key has been pressed. EFI_NOT_READY may only be returned if "There was no
keystroke data available." So it can not be returned in this case.

I cannot see any deficiency in the test. Please, fix your driver.

Best regards


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