[Bug 3677] Ext4Pkg does not support symbolic links



--- Comment #2 from Vitaly Cheptsov <vit9696@protonmail.com> ---
The need for symbolic link support was discovered in one of our drivers, namely
It detects and boots Linux distros, which are installed according to the Boot
Loader Specification (https://systemd.io/BOOT_LOADER_SPECIFICATION/) or to the
closely related systemd BootLoaderSpecByDefault
(https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/BootLoaderSpecByDefault). In other
words it boots Linux distros without GRUB.

Finding available boot options requires looking through certain directories,
which in different distros can be (and really are) symbolic links to other
directories. In such cases OpenLinuxBoot fails to boot Linux with the help of
Ext4Pkg. Examples: Fedora Silverblue has symlinks for /boot directory, Debian
10/11 has symlinks for /bin/sh.

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