[Bug 4151] New: Faulty Rng algo selection for Arm



Bug ID: 4151
Summary: Faulty Rng algo selection for Arm
Product: EDK2
Version: Current
Hardware: All
OS: All
Severity: normal
Priority: Lowest
Component: Code
Assignee: unassigned@...
Reporter: pierre.gondois@...
CC: edk2+bugs+int+994+563148131503455288@groups.io

PcdCpuRngSupportedAlgorithm is set to the Zero Guid for KvmTool
since it is not possible to predict which algorithm will be
implemented for Arm's FEAT_RNG in the host. Current handling is:
- skipping the Zero Guid, which should not happen to handle
KvmTool's case,
- triggering an ASSERT if no algorithm was found. However having
no Rng algorithm is a valid case,

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