[Bug 1698] Spurious rule about comment style in CCS 6.2.3



--- Comment #4 from Chang, Abner <abner.chang@...> ---
Yes, this issue seems already been fixed. I agree to close this issue.

Another thing is the blank line above/below a "Block of comment". Does this
also apply to the one-line comment? CSS doesn't mention this clearly. This
makes the confusing if we take a look at the comment styles in sections 6.4.6

We can revise sections and a little bit. Don't specifically
mention the "block of comment", just mention "comment" which also includes one
line comment.
Furthermore, there is no blank line above the comment block in the example in Which is not consistent with what it mentioned in

We can close this BZ and I will open another one for the one-line comment blank
line if you agree this is something we can fix in CSS v2.3.

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