[Bug 3987] Add a new standard protocol for disabling the behavior of accepting all memory at ExitBootServices



--- Comment #50 from Dionna Glaze <dionnaglaze@...> ---
Hi Michael, thanks for reviewing.

things triggered by ExitBootServices() aren't support to change the memory map, so ignore the whole ExitBootServices thing and describe what you want/problem statement - we can try to convert that to compliant language.
I've updated the language in v3 to be more clear about what the protocol is
trying to accomplish.

The ExitBootServices() call is a must-happen interaction with the UEFI that I
use as a checkpoint that can accept all memory if the OS hasn't indicated
support. Is there another such must-be-called function/protocol/service that
could serve as this checkpoint? We need the OS to have an opportunity to run
and advertise support, whereas we also need to be flexible enough such that any
calls that a bootloader makes before loading the OS won't trigger the accept
all behavior.

I thought we could make ExitBootServices return invalid_argument when we change
the memory map to not have unaccepted memory anymore, and by spec, the caller
needs to GetMemoryMap and re-call ExitBootServices. Ard Biesheuvel recommended
this approach.

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