[Bug 3697] New: Support ACPI 6.4 PPTT changes



Bug ID: 3697
Summary: Support ACPI 6.4 PPTT changes
Product: Tianocore Feature Requests
Version: Current
Hardware: All
OS: All
Severity: normal
Priority: Lowest
Component: Code
Assignee: unassigned@tianocore.org
Reporter: christopher.jones@arm.com
CC: edk2+bugs+int+994+563148131503455288@groups.io

The ACPI 6.4 specification added a new 'Cache ID' field to the PPTT Cache (type
1) Structure as well as removed the previously deprecated PPTT ID (type 2)
structure. These changes should be incorporated into edk2 to support the latest

The changes that need to be made to accommodate the latest ACPI 6.4 spec are:
- Remove the PPTT type 2 structure from Acpi64.h
- Update the Acpiview PPTT parser to add 'Cache ID' and remove type 2
- Update the DynamicTablesPkg PPTT generator with the 'Cache ID' field and
remove the type 2 structure.

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