[Bug 3471] UEFI: IPv6 sends proxy request to udp port 4011 whereas Ipv4 does need it.



--- Comment #15 from Maciej Rabeda <maciej.rabeda@intel.com> ---
Is there technical possibility to debug UefiPxeBcDxe on the blade? I do not see
anything immediately wrong with the traces that should cause the scenario to
fail on the blade.

Answers seeked:
1. Which flow in PxeBcLoadBootFile() ends up jumping to ON_EXIT with Status set

2. Assuming that result from point 1 would be PxeBcDiscoverBootFile(),
PxeBcDhcp6CallBack() acts upon events from DHCPv6 driver.

On successful DHCPv6 Advertise arrival, PxeBcCacheDhcp6Offer() should be called
at Dhcp6Event == Dhcp6RcvdAdvertise, which then calls
PxeBcParseDhcp6Packet(Cache6). What is the result of that function? If it
succeeds, what is the value of Cache6->OfferType?

3. PxeBcDhcp6CallBack(), case when Dhcp6Event == Dhcp6SelectAdvertise. Point
where given offer will be chosen. PxeBcSelectDhcp6Offer() should set
Private->SelectIndex to a non-zero value. Does it do that in the blade case?

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