[Bug 3252] New: Ecc considers all #ifndef macro as include guards #ifndef



Bug ID: 3252
Summary: Ecc considers all #ifndef macro as include guards
Product: EDK2
Version: Current
Hardware: All
OS: All
Severity: enhancement
Priority: Lowest
Component: Tools
Assignee: unassigned@tianocore.org
Reporter: pierre.gondois@arm.com
CC: edk2+bugs+int+994+563148131503455288@groups.io

The Ecc tool checks the format of the include guard. This check is currently
done on all the names following the '#ifndef' statement. It should only be done
on the first include guard.

It is possible to reproduce this by running:
./BaseTools/BinWrappers/PosixLike/Ecc -c
BaseTools/Source/Python/Ecc/config.ini -e
BaseTools/Source/Python/Ecc/exception.xml -t
DynamicTablesPkg/Include/Library/AmlLib/ -r Ecc_file.xls

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