[Bug 978] New: TPM 2.0 ACPI tableTPM2 table event log

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Bug ID: 978
Summary: TPM 2.0 ACPI tableTPM2 table event log
Product: EDK2
Version: Current
Hardware: All
OS: All
Severity: normal
Priority: Lowest
Component: Code
Assignee: michael.d.kinney(a)intel.com
Reporter: derek.lin2(a)hpe.com
CC: edk2-bugs(a)lists.01.org

There are new fields in TPM2 ACPI table for getting TCG event log under OS.

Page 11.
Log Area Minimum Length (LAML)
Log Area Start Address (LASA)

I remember they are not existed in older TCG ACPI spec.
However, we don't have it in current Tcg2Dxe driver.

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