[Bug 970] #pragma visibility hidden in MdePkg/Include/X64/ProcessorBind.h is misconceived #pragma

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--- Comment #5 from Shi Steven <steven.shi(a)intel.com> ---
I have another, probably better idea.
How about I add code to GenFw to handle the various flavors of GOTPCREL
by ELF (latest ABI spec has three). I think they can be correctly transformed
to COFF, because the GOT is not discarded (it is put in .text segment by ld
script). I'll check if there are other types of ELF relocation that can be
converted to COFF but are not handled by GenFw today. Then I'll submit this.
If this is done, then GenFw will no longer be as vulnerable to being broken by
ELF relocations.
Good idea! Please investigate its possiblity and I'm looking forward to seeing
your submission.

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