Tianocore Community meeting EMEA/NAMO/APAC 20230202

Demeter, Miki

# TianoCore Community Meeting


* GHSA Discussion/Update
* Git Hub PRs
* Discord Server notes will be monitored by Miki

# Meeting Minutes:

**Opens (_30 minutes_)**

* Rebecca - Git Hub PRs update by Michael K technical opens keeping us from implementing
* Rebecca - Releases seem to be too fast and fixes have not been back ported Michael K pointed out we will only back port one release. Stable tags don’t seem to be that stable. Need input from the community

**Event Updates (_5 minutes]**


**Stable Tag Updates (_5 minutes_)**

* edk2-stable202211 Current Stable Release
* Soft Freeze 2023-02-06
* Hard Freeze 2023-02-10
* Release 2023-02-24

**Stewards Download (_20 minutes_)**

* No Stewards Download
**Discord Notes:**

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** Next Meeting

March 2, 2023

Miki Demeter (she/her/Miki)
Security Researcher / FW Developer
Intel Corporation

Co-Chair, Network of Intel African-Ancestry(NIA) - Oregon

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