Tianocore Community meeting 2022120 EMEA/NAMO/APAC

Demeter, Miki

# TianoCore Community Meeting


* GHSA Update - miki

# Meeting Minutes:

**Opens (_30 minutes_)**

* State of github pull requests will be getting underway soon again.
**Event Updates (_5 minutes]**

**Stable Tag Updates (_5 minutes_)**

* Nov 7 soft freeze
* Nov 11 hard freeze
* Nov 25th Release `

**Stewards Download (_20 minutes_)**

* Googletest is being added to the submodules. https://github.com/google/googletest
* Directory names, file names being added to Coding Standard
* Request to add Clang to CI
* BaseTools maintainers from Intel are working on converting ā€œCā€ tools to python
* CodeQL driven by Michael Kubacki staged checker enablement
* Need support from maintainers & Community for issues found
* Intel & Microsoft determined best code coverage tools for CI and Developer unit testing (gcov & Open-cpp-codecoverage) https://github.com/OpenCppCoverage/OpenCppCoverage

**AR: **

* Michael K to check on ability to restrict push during freeze

No Attendance from APAC cancelled after 15 minutes

Next meeting November 10th 8:00am PST & November 10th 7:30pm PST

Miki Demeter (she/her/Miki)
Security Researcher / FW Developer
Intel Corporation

Co-Chair, Network of Intel African-Ancestry(NIA) - Oregon

Portland Women in Tech Best Speaker
503.712.8030 (office)
971.248.0123 (cell)