TianoCore Community Meeting 20220707

Demeter, Miki

# TianoCore Community Meeting


* Richard Hughes and Martin Fernandez presented on SBOM Patch – Please provide feedback on the ailing list
* Moving AM Community Meeting to 8:00AM PST to be more TimeZone friendly

# Meeting Minutes:

1) **Event Updates (_5 minutes]**
** No Updates **

2) [**Stable Tag Updates (_5 minutes_)**

- 2022- Release
** Stable Tag 202208Freeze **
** Stable Tag 202208Release **

3) **Stewards Download (_20 minutes_)**

* Minor technical issue size_t to allow %z to allow printing UINTN (patch submitted to mailing list)
* Continuing to work towards GitHub CodeReview – Experimentation underway see https://github.com/tianocore/edk2/discussions/3017
* SBOM presentation Community meeting. Questions: how and where will info be provided per monolith per package/device Where Does Open Source implementation stop and productization begin. How do you guarantee no tampering?
* New Team from QUALCOM will start upstreaming some of their work Hopefully this quarter

-**Coverity Status**
- No update

-** Bugzilla Status **
- 178 Unconfirmed bugs
- 489 Confirmed
- 162 Unassigned
- 38 In Progress
- Last ~30 days 28 new confirmed issues

Need to determine what to do about BZ reporters not responding to requests for info

4) **Opens (_30 minutes_)**

* Moving AM Community Meeting to 8:00AM PST to be more TimeZone friendly

**AR: **
No ARs

Next meeting will be Thursday August 4th 8:00AM PST

Miki Demeter (she/her/Miki)
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