TianoCore Community Meeting Minutes - June

Soumya Guptha

TianoCore Community Meeting

June 10, 2021


* UEFI Plugfest (update from Dick Wilkins)
* Plugfest is being planned for early April 2022 in Oregon. Detailed planning of the schedule and logistics will kick off in a few weeks.
* ICWG is hosting UEFI Virtual Plugfest webinars, if you are interested in presenting, please send your proposals to UEFI plugfest.

Google Summer of Code (update from Nate Desimone)

* Google has announced this year's Summer of Code students. TianoCore is mentoring 7 students this year, which is more than 3 times larger than our previous high of 2 students! The list of projects is available here: https://summerofcode.withgoogle.com/organizations/6376892141142016/
* Students have started submitting patches. Students need to complete projects by mid-august.
* Community Action: Provide feedback to students and support them to be successful.

Stable Tag updates:

* EDK2 Stable Tag 202105 has been released. EDK2 Stable Tag 202108 is collecting features.
* Details here: https://github.com/tianocore/tianocore.github.io/wiki/EDK-II-Release-Planning
* Action: Bugzilla needs to be updated with the latest Stable tag info - Mike Kinney will update.
* From Google summer of code projects, if there are any features impacting EDK2 core, we need to make sure that those features get into the stable tag. Mentors need to work on getting those features in and communicate with Liming Gao. Action: Nate Desimone plans to communicate with the mentors and educate them on the process.

Stewards Meeting Download (update from Mike Kinney)

* Discussed process issue - During beginning soft/hard releases, we need to add a RC1 & RC0 tags when soft and hard freeze are announced to support validation. Lazlo plans to write an RFC on this topic. Once this approves, liming may need to update the documentation.
* There is some confusion with Roles and Responsibilities (R&R) between maintainers and reviewers around reviewing packet (push label/merge). Reviewers also have push access. But Maintainer is the gate keeper and should approve the final changes to the package. Action for Stewards: We need to update the documentation (development process, who we are and any other wiki pages that are impacted) and clarify the R&R.
* Enhance support on previous Stable Tags - we will support critical bug fixes and security issues to the most recent Stable Tag.
* Release process between stable tags is typically 3 months. Today we are operating reactively based on request. We want to have a standard process. If there is a critical issue (such as a security issue)/bug fixes in the subprojects, we want to be more proactive by having a standard operating process to have these propagated into our most recent stable tag.
* Action: Liming to update the support of Stable Tags to reflect this change.


* (Open from Nate) NVME 2.0 just got formally published. Most interesting feature to be evaluated is "Zoned name space" feature. Any UEFI spec changes. Action: Evaluate and determine to see if we need to support this feature. What will be our plan for doing this? A topic for Ray Ni's design meeting. Soumya to communicate with Ray Ni on this topic.
* Update from Soumya: Puja Pandya moved on to pursue another opportunity. Soumya Guptha will continue to lead TianoCore Community Management.

Mike Kinney thanked Kevin Davis for doing analysis for UEFI 2.8 specification gaps.

Soumya Guptha
TianoCore Community Manager