TianoCore Community Meeting Minutes - April

Soumya Guptha

TianoCore Community Meeting Minutes

April 8, 2021


UEFI Plugfest (Soumya Guptha):

* No new update this month.
* Currently UEFI is hosting virtual webinars during 2021, listed here (https://uefi.org/events/upcoming).
* If you have topics to propose, please visit uefi.org/events and submit your abstracts.
* ICWG team is planning to host a face-to-face UEFI plugfest in Oregon during spring 2022.

Google Summer of Code (Nate Desimone):
* TianoCore was accepted! 12 students have expressed interest, 4 formal applications so far.
* Expecting more applications before application deadline April 13th
* During the application review process, we will review apps and submit our selections to Google. They will let us know how many slots we can have for our project.
* We currently have 6 mentors, we need about 2 per participant/student.
* We don't have enough mentors, we may need to reject some applications if we don't get enough mentors.
* Community Action: If anyone is interested in mentoring students, please contact Nate DeSimone <nathaniel.l.desimone@...>
o Mentor Responsibilities listed here: https://github.com/tianocore/tianocore.github.io/wiki/GSoC2021#potential-mentors
o Time commitment: Requires about 2.5 hours/week over the course of 10 weeks this summer
o Listed on twitter - https://twitter.com/tianocore/status/1379207540005761024

Stable Tag (Soumya Guptha/Liming Gao):

* EDK2-stable202105 is in planning stage. May 10th is the feature planning freeze. Please send your feature requests soon.
* More information here - https://github.com/tianocore/tianocore.github.io/wiki/EDK-II-Release-Planning
* Liming: currently monitoring EDKII community mail list to document change request. Latest data is available on the wiki page. Update notes are also included on the wiki with changes that will impact release planning for the next stable tag.
* Open: Kevin Davis: Is there a plan for someone going through the UEFI specs and verifying requirements/optional features that are not in the code? The current code base is a mixture of UEFI 2.7/2.8/2.9/ACPI etc.
o Response from Mike Kinney: That sounds like a great community activity, would you like to lead the evaluation of that? We do not have that in the plans yet. Building that feature list and working with Liming to set some feature goals would be great. Then we can review the features and figure out a schedule for them
o Response from Kevin Davis: checked with one of his engineers in Insyde, he agreed to work on that. He will provide an update next week after he has a better idea of schedule. Kevin plans to connect with Mike Kinney on further questions/updates.

Stewards Download: (Mike Kinney)
* There are some inconsistencies in our tool chains for enabling symbolic debug
* General concerns that we don't have very good recipes on how to set up source level debug (GDB connection, JTAG connection, UDK debugger etc). There are some things we could do to improve that material.
o Soumya: Q3 effort?
o Mike: observation, no dates yet. Still investigating.
o Soumya: Do you expect features or doc reorganization?
o Mike: combination, requirements will be tracked on Bugzilla for both code and documentation as investigation progresses


Soumya Past Opens:
* We have moved to Teams. We will continue to use this for the next couple months, let us know if you're having any issues with connecting to calls using Teams

* Mike: Priority wise - this is still one of the highest priority. Actively working on that. Found landing zone for service, will deploy it there for formal evaluation from the community. Will use same server that is hosting our Bugzilla service right now

* Puja Pandya will lead TianoCore community management starting May, Soumya will still attend meetings as able but will be focusing on Firmware Ecosystem Enabling Management going forward. Please provide your support to Puja



Soumya Guptha

TianoCore Community Manager, Intel