TianoCore Community Meeting Minutes - October

Soumya Guptha

TianoCore Community Meeting Minutes

October 8, 2020


Update from Dick Wilkins on UEFI plugfest:
Given COVID-19 travel restrictions, the UEFI Forum is delaying U.S. based Plugfest until next year.
ICWG is tentatively planning a f2f plugfest in Oregon (tentatively fall 2021).
There is interest from a few member companies on having a regional plugfest in Taiwan, since international travel is restricted.

There is a plan for doing more BrightTalk webinars after October 2020. There is a call for topics for fall webinar sessions.

If you have a new topic that you have or presented in the past, propose those topics to Dick Wilkins or admin@....

Visit https://uefi.org/events/upcoming for more information.


edk2-stable202011 tag is in Planning stage.

Visit https://github.com/tianocore/tianocore.github.io/wiki/EDK-II-Release-Planning for latest updates.

Proposed Features so far:

* ShellPkg: add HttpDynamicCommand

There is room for more features.

Community Action: Please send out if you have any proposal on feature request.


New Wiki page has been created on "TianoCore: Who we are" introducing the community and the members.

Soumya had sent out a draft for the community to review. The feedback from the Community has been incorporated and the final document is posted on wiki here [https://github.com/tianocore/tianocore.github.io/wiki/TianoCore%3A-Who-we-are].

This is a living document and we plan to use standard email patch process for all future Wiki updates (no change from the exiting process).

New Training on "Unit test framework" has been posted.

Link to the presentation: https://github.com/tianocore-training/EDK_II_CI_Unit_Test_Framework/blob/master/EDK_II_CI_Unit_Test_Framewrok_Validation.pdf
Link to the Lab guide: https://github.com/tianocore-training/EDK_II_CI_Unit_Test_Framework/blob/master/UnitTestFramework_Lab.md

Unit test framework training shows how to improve firmware code quality and incorporate unit testing with code reviews included with the CI.
The Unit Test Framework uses the EDK II existing interfaces and libraries to create a test harness for the code under test.
The training will go over CI rules for including unit test code for building & running the unit test host code.The steps to include the Unit Test Framework functions include: Initialize, Create test suites, Add and Run unit tests with its framework. You can learn more in the training.


Most of the time was spent in finalizing the Tianocore document on "who we are".

Stewards discussed using the same process as code to submit changes to any of the wiki pages.


Open from Felix: Security features in EDK2 not in main stream.

Felix has discussed with Vincent in the infosec meeting.

Request to make it a priority to EDK2.

Action: This is a Feature request. Felix to submit the request in Bugzilla and add to the planning schedule to a specific stable tag.

Open around Gitbook PDF generation.

Mike will be doing a protype. And once that's done we will migrate the pages.

Open: Github Pull request.

There are still open pieces (hosting service and admin interface). There is feedback from first RFC, Mike is looking into it.

Conversation of the RFC and feeback converted into wiki page and maintaining in the wiki page. No new RFCs on this topic.

Action: Anyone who has web-based design and admin interface with python experience and willing to help with EDK2 project (specifically Github pull request), please reach out to Mike Kinney


Working well for most of them. Plan is to switch to Webex and move away from blue jeans.


Community Action: Please send Soumya if you like to acknowledge anyone from the community, if anyone helped you close bugs or reviewed code etc..Soumya will post those acknowledgements on the community page.



Soumya Guptha

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