TianoCore Community Design Meeting Minutes - Apr 3, 2020

Ni, Ray


  1. EDK2 Redfish Implementation Review (Directory/File Structure)

Slides: https://edk2.groups.io/g/devel/files/Designs/2020/0403/EDK2%20Redfish%20Implementation%20Review.pdf

  • RedfishPkg

    • /IndustryStandard: Industry standard definitions should be in MdePkg.
    • /Protocol: UEFI/PI protocols should be in MdePkg

    @Felix: A general guideline is don't use EFI_ prefix if a protocol is not defined in UEFI/PI spec.

    @Ray: For protocols planned to be in UEFI/PI spec, encourage to use code first process (https://edk2.groups.io/g/devel/topic/72500372).

    • /Pcd: Looks good

    UINTN to UINT32 change is good to Siyuan/Jiaxin/Fan.

    @Ray: Suggest to submit a bugzilla for structure pcd tool issue.

  • EmulatorPkg

    • /Application/RedfishPlatformConfig: Location looks good.
    • /Library
    • RedfishPlatformHostInterfaceLib: platform specific lib consuming variables created by /Application/RedfishPlatformConfig. Location looks good.
    • RedfishPlatformCredentialLib: Location looks good.
    • WinSnp
    • New PCD PcdEmuNetworkInterface to select network interface by index.

    @Siyuan: Suggest to use existing PCD by put the index integer in string format.

  • NetworkPkg: NETWORK_HTTP_BOOT_ENABLE macro

Do not include HttpDxe driver when NETWORK_HTTP_BOOT_ENABLE is FALSE to hide HTTP boot option from boot option list.

@igork: SMBIOS 42 contains field pointing to URL so please include DnsDxe driver even when NETWORK_HTTP_BOOT_ENABLE is FALSE.

@Abner: Will evaluate today's RedfishPlatformHostInterfaceLib to support IP address and URL.

@Felix: Can you put RestEx driver in NetworkPkg because RestEx does not only support Redfish stack.