Soft Feature Freeze will start on 2023-02-06 for edk2-stable202302


Hi, all

We will enter into Soft Feature Freeze phase on 2023-02-06. In this phase,

the feature under review will not be allowed to be pushed. The feature

passed review can still be merged.

The patch review can continue without break in edk2 community. If the

is sent before Soft Feature Freeze, and plans to catch this stable tag, the

patch contributor need reply to his patch and notify edk2 community. If the

patch is sent after Soft Feature Freeze, and plans to catch this stable tag,

please add edk2-stable202302 key words in the patch title and BZ, so the

community know this patch target and give the feedback.

To avoid the unnecessary changes to be merged in edk2 stable tag release,

all edk2 maintainers' write access will be temporarily disabled until stable

is released on 02-24. That means edk2 maintainer can't set push label in

pull request after 2023-02-06.

If the change wants to catch this stable tag 202302, please follow above

rules, then send the merge request to gaoliming@... or michael.d.

kinney@... or miki.demeter@....

We will help merge the code change in soft feature freeze and hard feature

freeze phase.

Below is edk2-stable202302 tag planning Proposed Schedule

Date (00:00:00 UTC-8) Description

2022-11-25 Beginning of development

2023-02-06 Soft Feature Freeze

2023-02-10 Hard Feature Freeze

2023-02-24 Release