[EXTERNAL] Re: Soft Feature Freeze starts now for edk2-stable202008

Laszlo Ersek

On 08/17/20 23:33, Bret Barkelew wrote:
Not yet, which is also why I’m raising the note ASAP. I’ll respond to the other feedback today to get that moving.
During the SFF, only such feature sets may be merged whose review
completed *before* the SFF. In other words, for a feature series, only
the merging part may slip into the SFF; the review part must not.

(Again, I'm just explaining the current SFF definition. If we want to
change the SFF definition, that's a different discussion -- I'm not
particularly vested in the current one, I had just suggested it
following the pattern that QEMU had set. The edk2 community is free to
choose different definitions.)


- Bret

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Subject: [EXTERNAL] Re: Soft Feature Freeze starts now for edk2-stable202008

Hi Bret,

On 08/17/20 20:14, Bret Barkelew wrote:
I would like Variable Policy to be considered for this feature freeze. I have a couple of documentation things to respond to, but no serious functionality questions (that I know of).
Has review completed on the series (before entering the soft feature


(Please note that I don't insist on this particular definition of the
SFF; it's what we have modeled on the QEMU soft feature freeze
definition. It's not carved in stone. It's just what we have for now.)


Laszlo Ersek

On 08/18/20 17:10, Bret Barkelew wrote:
I agree with the process and withdraw my request, replacing it instead with a disapproving head shake and deep sigh.
We as a community definitely deserve your disapproval, as our review
response times have been abysmal. :(

I’ll go back to pushing on this after the tag.
Thanks for your persistence!