Platform Build Change Required: New Library Class - VariableFlashInfoLib

Michael Kubacki

Hi all,

A new library class called VariableFlashInfolib is being used in the variable and fault tolerant write modules:
- VariablePei
- VariableRuntimeDxe
- VariableSmm
- VariableStandaloneMm

- FaultTolerantWritePei
- FaultTolerantWriteDxe
- FaultTolerantWriteSmm
- FaultTolerantWriteStandaloneMm

This requires that a platform DSC specify the VariableFlashInfoLib instance for the platform build. Currently, the only library instance is provided in MdeModulePkg and that library instance should be used:
- MdeModulePkg/Library/BaseVariableFlashInfoLib/BaseVariableFlashInfoLib.inf

- See:

For an example of how to add this to your DSC file, see:

This announcement is being made preemptively and you should be able to find the equivalent commits for those changes in the edk2 master branch soon.

Best regards,