[EXTERNAL] Re: Hard Feature Freeze starts now for edk2-stable202005

Liming Gao

I create PR https://github.com/tianocore/edk2/pull/644 for this patch.

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Subject: Re: [EXTERNAL] Re: Hard Feature Freeze starts now for edk2-stable202005

I just looked into it, and I think that AsciiStrCpyS() was the wrong function to call in this loop anyway. AsciiStrCpyS() will fail without copying any characters.
AsciiStrnCpyS() will perform the string "slicing"/"chunking" that the loop seems to expect.

The bug stands and we should try to get that bug fix into the stable tag. Thanks!

- Bret

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Subject: [EXTERNAL] Re: Hard Feature Freeze starts now for edk2-stable202005

Hi Bret,

On 05/22/20 17:11, Bret Barkelew wrote:
We'd like to ask that this patch be considered for the stable tag:
[PATCH v1 1/1] UnitTestFrameworkPkg/UnitTestResultReportLib: Use AsciiStrnCpyS()

The patch was reviewed prior to the hard freeze date, and is a small change that affects new(ish) code that is not heavily utilized yet.
does the original issue (reported in TianoCore#2721) persist with
TianoCore#2054 fixed?

My understanding (from TianoCore#2721) is that the original
AsciiStrCpyS() call is not buggy, it just triggers a (per spec) error
condition in AsciiStrCpyS(). Previously, that would indeed trip an
ASSERT(), but AIUI that issue has been resolved generally with

If the AsciiStrCpyS() call remains an issue with the ASSERT() removed,
then replacing the call with AsciiStrnCpyS() still seems like a bugfix
to me, not a "feature", so I think the patch is eligible for merging
during the HFF.

Mike, can you please merge the patch (if it's still needed)?


- Bret

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Subject: [EXTERNAL] [edk2-devel] Hard Feature Freeze starts now for edk2-stable202005

Hi, all
Today, we enter into Hard Feature Freeze phase until edk2-stable202005 tag is created at 2020-05-29. In this phase, there is no feature to be pushed. The critical bug fix is still allowed.

If the patch is sent after Hard Feature Freeze, and plans to catch this stable tag, please add edk2-stable202005 key words in the patch title and BZ, and also cc to Tianocore Stewards, then Stewards can give the comments.

Below is edk2-stable202005 tag planning.
Date (00:00:00 UTC-8) Description
2020-03-04 Beginning of development
2020-05-08 Feature Planning Freeze
2020-05-15 Soft Feature Freeze
2020-05-22 Hard Feature Freeze
2020-05-29 Release