[edk2-devel] Hard Feature Freeze starts now for edk2-stable202005

Andrew Fish


Sounds good. There is a Stewards meeting next Tuesday so please let us know if there is any other feedback we could give that would be helpful.


Andrew Fish

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Stewards and all:
Leif requests two patches to catch this stable tag. They fix BZ https://bugzilla.tianocore.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2723. I see the point that the linux distribution default GCC version may be 10 or above. Without this fix, those developers can’t pass build edk2-stable202005. So, Leif thinks this is a critical bug fix. But, today is the stable tag release date. To collect the more feedback, I suggest to delay this stable tag to the middle of next week (2020-06-03). Before you get the formal announcement of the stable tag release, please be patient in Hard Feature Freeze phase.

https://edk2.groups.io/g/devel/message/60108 [PATCH] MdePkg/Include: AARCH64: disable outline atomics on GCC 10.2+
https://edk2.groups.io/g/devel/message/59961 [PATCH v2] ArmPkg/CompilerIntrinsicsLib: provide atomics intrinsics

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Subject: [edk2-devel] Hard Feature Freeze starts now for edk2-stable202005

Hi, all
Today, we enter into Hard Feature Freeze phase until edk2-stable202005 tag is created at 2020-05-29. In this phase, there is no feature to be pushed. The critical bug fix is still allowed.

If the patch is sent after Hard Feature Freeze, and plans to catch this stable tag, please add edk2-stable202005 key words in the patch title and BZ, and also cc to Tianocore Stewards, then Stewards can give the comments.

Below is edk2-stable202005 tag planning.
Date (00:00:00 UTC-8) Description
2020-03-04 Beginning of development
2020-05-08 Feature Planning Freeze
2020-05-15 Soft Feature Freeze
2020-05-22 Hard Feature Freeze
2020-05-29 Release