Tianocore Community meeting APAC/NAMO 20221110

Demeter, Miki

# TianoCore Community Meeting


* Special appreciation to the hard work of Community member Dionna Glaze for the work that are doing on: “Adding new standard protocol for disabling the behavior of accepting all memory at exit boot services” https://bugzilla.tianocore.org/show_bug.cgi?id=3987
* GitHub Security Advisories – Investigating CI workflows for embargoed fixes
* If community has features that went in since August that they want highlighted email Liming with the BZ info and or PR. For next release send this info now and major feature patches need to be in by mid-December
* Holiday season - Maintainers please communicate times you will be out to backup maintainers and/or Miki or the Stewards
* December Meeting Cancelled

# Meeting Minutes:

**Opens (_30 minutes_)**

* Minimum Python Version – BaseTools 3.7 - Stuart build tools - 3.9+ - Need to think about how we can keep tools moving forward and manage tool versions better
* Docker Containers keeping them updated to recommended version

**Event Updates (_5 minutes]**

**Stable Tag Updates (_5 minutes_)**

* Nov 11 hard freeze
* Nov 25th Release `

**Stewards Download (_20 minutes_)**

* EDK2 platform updates coming - Leif Lindholm
* Patch is in the works for Google Test
* Need to examine compatibility issues with the use of underscore/double underscore in variable naming
* New Coverity issues - see Michael Kubacki
* CI on GHSA Security issues is an open issue - needs further investigation
* CodeQL is active now on EDK2 Michael Kubacki leading effort - Looking for resources to get all checkers turned on
* Crypto package clean up is in
* Need more docker containers support from the community to help lower the entry level bar
* Holiday season - Maintainers please communicate times you will be out to Miki or the Stewards

** Next Meeting

December Meeting Cancelled
January 5, 2023

Miki Demeter (she/her/Miki)
Security Researcher / FW Developer
Intel Corporation

Co-Chair, Network of Intel African-Ancestry(NIA) - Oregon

Portland Women in Tech Best Speaker
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