TianoCore Community Meeting Minutes - September 2021

Soumya Guptha

TianoCore Community Meeting
September 2, 2021

Google Summer of Code:
* A very successful summer with students completing the projects and code checked in to EDK2 repo.
* Those projects that need to be added to the EDK2 master, mentors need to bring those to Liming and Maintainers attention. Maintainers of those projects to discuss with Liming and add those projects that are candidates for the EDK2 master, to the upcoming stable tag releases.
* Community Action:
o Mentors to communicate to Liming if any of the projects are a candidate to EDK2 master.
o Need to advertise successes with an email of the summary/projects, share the content. Soumya to discuss with Nate.

UEFI Plugfest update from Dick Wilkins:
* Concerns around pandemic travel that may impact April '22 plugfest. Will people be able to travel? Still evaluating.
* Budget concerns: UEFI forum is trying to keep the dues low. Sponsorships from many companies are impacted which impacts the budget for plugfest. Questions are being raised - do we have enough new technologies to provide test material for people to get together for testing, should we have a plugfest? Can we find the funds to run the plugfest?
* Can we charge registration fees for the attendees? to cover food, evening event etc. like any other industry events.
o Community Action: provide input to Dick Wilkins Dick_Wilkins@...<mailto:Dick_Wilkins@...> on these questions -
* Is your company interested in sponsoring?
* Are you willing to pay for the conference?

Stable Tag updates:
* Stable tag 202108 has been released.
* Next stable tag 202111 is collecting features.
* Community Action: please send your feature requests ahead of time to Liming.

Stewards Download:
* Not much update for this month.
* Stable tag 202108 release went smooth. The new process with 2 week gap between hard freeze and release worked well.

Opens: none


Soumya Guptha

TianoCore Community Manager