TianoCore Meeting Minutes - August 2021

Soumya Guptha

TianoCore Community Meeting

August 12, 2021


Google Summer of Code:

* 7 projects were selected, one of the projects got dropped before mid-term. All projects are listed here: https://summerofcode.withgoogle.com/organizations/6376892141142016/
* All 6 are doing well. Code review in progress. Projects are targeted to be complete by Aug 23.
* Students should have the patches submitted by Aug 16, so we can get them reviewed and merge by Aug 23.
* Community Action: provide feedback to students. Next week, we need maintainers to review patches.

No new updates on UEFI plugfest

Stable Tag updates:

* EDK2 Stable Tag 202108 soft freeze complete, hard freeze (8/13).
* Details here: https://github.com/tianocore/tianocore.github.io/wiki/EDK-II-Release-Planning
* We are maintaining 2 weeks between hard freeze and final Release. Previously we had 1 wk gap between hard freeze and release. Now with a 2 week gap allows us to find issues and fix those before releasing. Moving forward we will maintain 2 week gap between hard freeze and Release.
* Stable tag improvements: Liming will start adding tags for soft and hard freeze. This will help the community as they pull in the tags, when issues are reported, test issues/results can be tagged to the soft/hard freeze. This is change from what we had earlier.

Community Opens:

1. Open from Rebecca - EDK2 Lib C patch. Lib C has not updated for a while. Unknown state on support and maintainership.

* Update from Mike Kinney: There are no maintainers currently. Its based on a very old version of the code, need to bring it up to date. There are a few proposals in progress. There is active discussion in the email distribution list (dev list). Does community have any concerns around current proposals? (staging repository CDE package, Standard lib package (PDC lib) in staging).
* Community Action: We would like community involved in this discussion. If there are any concerns around downstream use around the licenses, please let us know.
Do we want to add full standard C lib support to EDK2 repo? We need drive consensus within the next 2-4 weeks.

1. Open from Rebecca: Xcode Wiki page needs to be updated. It seems to be slow. Andrew has looked into it.

* Action: Rebecca send an email on the mailing list. Status: Closed. Liming has updated.

1. Open from Felix on Coverity & Static analyzer for EDK2 -

* Mike Kinney noted: It's not maintained currently. Goal is to have the CI process set up by this year.

Review the content with TianoCore Infosec community.

* Mike Kinney noted potential approaches: To eliminate false positives or mark as not an issue if its a false positive so we are aware. Open Coverity is a powerful tool for open source projects. it's a gap currently in EDK2 project to not have a static analysis tool. We need resources to work on the CI system.
* Felix is looking at Coverity and interested in supporting.
* Action: Felix to open a RFC discussion and lead a planning discussion. We don't do static analysis today as part of the open source project.

Soumya Guptha

TianoCore Community Manager