TianoCore Community Meeting Minutes - July

Soumya Guptha

TianoCore Community Meeting

July 8, 2021


Google Summer of Code:

* TianoCore projects are listed here: https://summerofcode.withgoogle.com/organizations/6376892141142016/
* Going well. Midterm reviews are due in a few days.
* Students have started submitting patches. Students need to complete projects by mid-august.
* Community Action: If you see any emails from the students, please provide feedback and support them.

Stable Tag updates:

EDK2 Stable Tag 202108 is collecting features. Please send in if you have any feature requests.

* Details here: https://github.com/tianocore/tianocore.github.io/wiki/EDK-II-Release-Planning

Stewards Meeting Download (update from Mike Kinney)

* No download this month.


* Philippe Mathieu-Daudé (Red Hat) plans to cover OVMF activities, collaborating with Lazlo (Red Hat).
* Mike Kinney updated on - Enabling pull request. Mergify feature is now much simpler and a big improvement on configuration file, maintainers workflow. Maintainers don't have to manually rebase pull request when change requests occur. This feature will be included as part of the upcoming stable tag.


Soumya Guptha

TianoCore Community Manager