TianoCore Community Meeting Minutes - November

Soumya Guptha

TianoCore Community Meeting Minutes

November 12, 2020


No new updates from last month (below).

Given COVID-19 travel restrictions, the UEFI Forum is delaying U.S. based Plugfest until next year.

ICWG is tentatively planning a f2f plugfest in Oregon (tentatively fall 2021).

There is interest from a few member companies on having a regional plugfest in Taiwan, since international travel is restricted.

There is a plan for doing more BrightTalk webinars after October 2020. There is a call for topics for fall webinar sessions.

If you have a new topic that you have or presented in the past, propose those topics to Dick Wilkins or admin@...<mailto:admin@...>.

Visit https://uefi.org/events/upcoming for more information.


Stable tag (edk2-stable202011) is in Planning stage. Features have been collected. Most of them have been done. Soft freeze is tomorrow, on track for Nov 27th release.

The detail feature list can be accessed here - https://github.com/tianocore/tianocore.github.io/wiki/EDK-II-Release-Planning

Mainly discussed on stable tags.
Extend stable tags to edk2 platform repo.
Look for the stewards to put a proposal and reach out to the community sometime during December so that we can plan for the Q1 stable tag.
Pay attention to the patches and get to as low as bugs for the upcoming stable tag release.

Open from Dick Wilkins on TCG specs: Analyze event logs to verify the status of a platform
General observation - implementation is all over the place and found bugs, entering those in Bugzilla.
Code needs to be reviewed end to end, event logs should be easily parsed.
Mike Kinney recommends - Someone needs to write down edk2 implementation or interpretation of the TCG specs. A design doc needs to be written.
We need to make sure a we write an implementation design for a few platforms under edk2 (such as OVMF fw stack) and provide some examples to show the parsing.
Dick Wilkins can help facilitate/review and engage
Action: Ken goldman (IBM) saw implementation related bugs and entered those in Bugzilla, Dick to start an RFC to elevate the issue. Once RFC is entered, Mike Kinney and Stewards will look into this issue.
Mike K suggests unit tests that can help verify the implementation and won't break in the future.


Community Action: Please send Soumya if you like to acknowledge anyone from the community, if anyone helped you close bugs or reviewed code etc..Soumya will post those acknowledgements on the community page.



Soumya Guptha

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