TianoCore Community Meeting Minutes - Feb 6

Soumya Guptha

Community Meeting Minutes: 2-6-20

Thanks to Stephano Cetola for an excellent job driving TianoCore community. Stephano has transitioned to a new role outside Intel.
Soumya Guptha from Intel is the new Community Manager and will drive the TianoCore Community activities.

1. FOSDEM Conference
* Presentations from our community members:

i. Capsule update by Brian Richardson

ii. Code first concept by Leif

iii. 35-40 attendees and they were well received

* We will share more details on the presentations during the next community meeting.

1. Code first RFC stewards meeting update - Mike Kinney
* Leif has shared on the mailing list
* We will do EDKII staging repository, inside the staging branch in that repository.
ECR updates need to be done. We need to fully integrate & validate

* Code First RFC


* Code First comments



Community Action: Read the RFC and provide feedback if you have any opinions from your engineering teams by next week
Discussion from the community (Felix): As soon as spec is ready, post the links to the spec in the UEFI forum.
Open: we need to identify the sponsor who can take it to the UEFI forum. Suggestion is to review the spec and propose this in the forum

1. Q1 Stable tag update - Soumya/Mike covered updates from Liming Gao

* Soft freeze for Q2 is scheduled for Feb 14th.
* One of the Q1 Stable tag features - boot guard is moving to Q2
* All features are listed in https://github.com/tianocore/tianocore.github.io/wiki/EDK-II-Release-Planning.
* The first feature BootGuard TOCTOU vulnerability (CVE-2019-11098) (https://bugzilla.tianocore.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1614). Its solution is changed. This feature is moving to Q2 Stable tag.
* Other features have been fixed except for New BaseCryptLib instances to compile independently from callers<https://bugzilla.tianocore.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2420>. Its patch is under review.

1. Ideas for Q2 stable tag from Stewards meeting - Mike Kinney


* Line ending conversion in Q2 stable tag

* Developer github changes may need to occur. Changes around first 2-4wks of Q2
* Once the fork is available (by end of Feb), we need community to review, provide feedback if there is any impact.

* Submodule conversion in Q2 stable tag

* There a few places in EDK2 repository carrying copies. Plan is to modularize and its easier for bug fixes.
* Ex: compression and decompression code - we will do a review of this
* Targeted during Q2. We will have RFCs and Bugzilla entries.

* Wanting RISCV into Q2 stable tag after the above two.

* We have several patches around RISCV. Plan is to integrate these as part of Q2 release

* Community Action:

* We are planning for Stable Tag for Q2 - Everyone start thinking and send your thoughts to Liming Gao
* We need the community to be engaged and suggest features for Q2, Q3, Q4. If you like to see any features added, create a Bugzilla entry and work with Liming Gao (intel) for adding those features and to discuss further.

* Open: In the next design meeting - when we have a new UEFI spec, request from the community to ask the community for new features and create a long-term roadmap. Soumya to pass this feedback to Ray.

1. EDKII Open Source Unit test framework - Mike Kinney

* Collaborative effort from Intel & Microsoft
* Background:
Microsoft contributed framework to run tests from UEFI shell
Intel contributed HBFA (Host Based Firmware Analysis)
These two frameworks were combined and simplified to make it simple for developers to write unit tests

* This is for a low-level API testing
* Supports Host Environments for CI agent testing
* Supports Target Environments (PEI, DXE, SMM, UEFI Shell)
* Focused on testing interfaces, libraries, and modules
* Includes cmocka to support mocked interfaces

Community action:

* Stewards would like the community to start writing Unit tests for open source FW and start adding test results on the releases.
* Please look at the details. If you are developing new content or maintaining existing content, please consolidate and write the unit tests in this framework, so we can standardize the unit test process.

1. Upcoming events:

* UEFI Plugfest - Most of the stewards and few other Intel folks plan on attending (Brian, Soumya, Mike Kinney etc..)

1. Opens from the Community Attendees:
* Opens from Felix:

1. Product releases that other companies have may not be aligned with stable tags.
* Add a tag - whether it's a feature, bug fix - get an email discussion going (Felix)
2. Different email clients have challenges to extract patches. Ex: Due to company policy, some of them need to use outlook, how do we extract those patches?

* Felix to start an email conversation on this. We can discuss in the mailing list to understand what other companies are doing or if we need to change something in our development process.

* Open from Phillippe

* Today we submit patches to the mailing list. The maintainers send a response to the mailing list.
* Requesting a change - to get an email notification to the submitter and the list in the same list when the maintainers commit to the patch.
* Phillippe to enter the request in Bugzilla for further discussion.

* Opens from Sean (Microsoft)

i. Autoformatting C code

* Mike K suggests to look at a style - https://edk2.groups.io/g/devel/message/8974

ii. Variable policy - a new advanced feature to apply policies

* Get this into Q2 stable tag.
* Sean to open a Bugzilla as a feature request

iii. Lot of bugs sitting in.

* We need to have more frequent bug scrubs to recover from the backlog.
* Liming to look into getting more number of bug scrubs or do longer bug scrub meetings.

iv. Need more code contribution and a smoother process on code reviews.

Soumya Guptha

Soumya Guptha
Open Source Program Manager, SFP/IAGS