EDK II Stable Tag edk2-stable201908 will be created based on commit 37eef91017ad042035090cae46557f9d6e2d5917

Liming Gao

Hi, all

Today, I review all patches in edk2 mail list. There is no patches for EDK II Stable Tag edk2-stable201908. Based on edk2-stable201908 tag planning, it will be released at 2019-08-30. So, I plan to create edk2-stable201908 based on current edk2 trunk (https://github.com/tianocore/edk2/commit/37eef91017ad042035090cae46557f9d6e2d5917 BaseTools: Fixed regression issue for building !x86 builds) on UTC - 8 00:00 of 2019-08-30. If you have any comments, please reply the mail. If no concern or objection, I will create tag and send another announce mail that edk2-stable201908 is completed and normal commit is resumed.