TianoCore Community Design Meeting Minutes - Sep 19

Ni, Ray

(Kondal, Sean, Mike, could you please reply to correct the minutes if there is something wrong or not captured?)
1. Python Development Process (Intel)
Presenter: Kondal Purma
Slides: https://edk2.groups.io/g/devel/files/Designs/2019/0919/PythonDevelopmentProcess-OpenSource.pdf

* Problem
Page #2: Gap in predefined consistent code style and toolset for python development flow.

* Proposal: Python development process flow chart
Page #4
Code style: PEP 8
Docstring: PEP 257
Code checker: flake8
Page #6, #7 for detailed flake8 config
Docstring checker: flake8-docstrings
unittest: python unittest library
code complexity measure:

* Opens
@Sean: Why use unittest library, not pytest?
@Kondal: Agree to use pytest.

@Sean: Suggest using strict python types to avoid potential bugs in code

@Sean: Will the python coding style checking included in CI server?
@Mike: Finalize the requirement of python coding style first so developers have the chance to run it locally before sending code review. Agree to have the server to run check automatically.

@Sean: Base tool python code is not package organized, difficult to run the unit test or reuse the code.

@Mike: There will be 10-20 pages of gitbook in markdown format to document the requirement of python code.

@Sean: File/folder name/case don't follow PEP8. flake8 doesn't test that, need the standard of file/folder name.

@Liming: What will be included in the final document?
@Mike: Generally, about how to write good python code.

@Sean: Can leverage pytools

@Mike: Will have small group discussion and come out with the proposal draft


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