Re: Zoom Service Blocked by China

Laszlo Ersek

On 09/10/19 17:01, stephano wrote:
Hi All,

It would seem that on Monday China blocked Zoom, our preferred
conference software.

This is an off week (luckily) for APAC meetings, so this should not
immediately effect us.

I'd like to propose BlueJeans as a replacement. AFAIK, they support web
clients (no binary needed), Android, and iOS. Also, I believe they will
work well in China:
Generally speaking, I'm fine with the BlueJeans platform -- I use my
company-issued PolyCom handset for dialing a "BlueJeans bridge" (using
an internal extension), and then I participate as a voice-only
participant. (I don't like installing proprietary browser plugins, and I
wouldn't enable video anyway.) AFAIR I can see -- consume -- screens
shared by others, in Firefox, without installing the plugin; so that
should work for me too.


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