Welcome to the new mailing list!

Stephano Cetola

Hello TianoCore Community!

Today we are starting the transition to our new mailing list. If you have any questions during this process, please feel free to email me directly or post your question to the new devel list.

This announcement list will be a moderator-only list that allows us to post news about the project. We will try to avoid "cross-posting" to both the devel & announce lists, though that may need to happen from time to time.

If you have a thread that is already in process on the old mailing list and would like to continue that thread immediately, you will have to remove the "edk2-devel@..." address and replace it with "devel@edk2.groups.io". This may break threading for that message. However, once the archives have been uploaded to Groups.io, you will be able to respond on the new list and threading should be preserved.

The [edk2-bugs] mailing list will be transitioned to Groups.io once we have testing the devel mailing list and ensured success.

Thank you for being patient while we make this transition.

Kind Regards,

Stephano Cetola
TianoCore Community Manager

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