Re: New Mailing Lists

Stephano Cetola

On 5/23/2019 12:26 PM, Laszlo Ersek wrote:
(answering on announce@ as my understanding is that this is acceptable
and even recommended, or now)
Yes, that's correct.

I received an automated email from about discuss@: "Subgroup has been created". It states that discuss@ is a
subgroup of devel@. Does that mean that all emails sent to discuss@ are
automatically reflected to devel@ too?
No, it does not. I had to pick a "parent group", so I chose devel at the time.

Also, I think you got that email because you're a moderator. Sorry for the noise. Let me know if you're getting bombarded with emails as a moderator.

(I'm trying to gauge whether I should subscribe to discuss@ in addition
to my current devel@ subscription.)
For those who aren't really interested in general discussion, rest assured that I'll forward any emails that I feel warrant devel discussion to that mailing list.

Also, I've not seen any settings that allow automagic reflection, so it is up to us as a community if we feel that cross posting is wise. I think that most RFCs will want to cross post to the devel list, hence the note about that.


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