TianoCore Meeting Minutes - May 2021

Soumya Guptha

TianoCore Community Meeting

May 6, 2021

UEFI Plugfest (update from Dick Wilkins):
We are planning a plug fest during the week of April 4th during 2022 in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Google Summer of Code (update from Nate Desimone)

* Google has accepted all of our projects. Google will make that announcement.
* Google will communicate the decisions to those applicants on the accepted projects on May 17th.
* Projects will begin from Jun 7 till Aug 16th.
* Community Action: We encourage entire community to be involved, for getting your input/comments and supporting our mentors. The community can involved in activities such as code reviews etc.. we need support from maintainers, reviewers. Be responsive on the mailing list. you can respond to students when they post questions on the mailing list.

Stable Tag updates:

o Up to date information: https://github.com/tianocore/tianocore.github.io/wiki/EDK-II-Release-Planning

o Feature planning freeze scheduled for 5/10/2021

Stewards Meeting Download (Mike Kinney)

* Limited attendance this month.

o We are seeing an increase in EDK2 CI failure/coverage issues. Azure moved to Ubuntu 20 and we are still on Ubuntu 18. There are some gaps (such as emulator package) that we are addressing. There is a specific failure on emulator package that we need to disable temporarily. Ubuntu GCC IA32 EmulatorPkg - 32-bit X11 dependency conflicts. May need to consider adding text console support.

o Action: Mike Kinney will submit an RFC

* Bugzilla 988 (https://bugzilla.tianocore.org/show_bug.cgi?id=988) - performance issues in handles database.

o DXE core implementation and performance issues on large number of handles.

o Question to the Community: Can we drop EFI 1.02 driver compatibility support from DXE core?

Removing the compatibility will help the performance issues, but not fully resolve them. Risk is extremely low for support. Simple change in DXE core. Base tools still have support for building EDK1 style modules. Action: Mike to start an RFC on this topic.

Dick Wilkins - MSFT maintains the list of revoked code signatures for UEFI code modules and loaders for the UEFI Forum and produces
binary files that contain revoked signatures for use by secure boot. MSFT has approved the latest update of revoked
signatures list for general testing. They are posted at https://uefi.org/revocationlistfile. These files should only be used for
testing at this time. Use of these files my cause systems to not boot and should not be used in shipping products without
appropriate planning and testing.


Soumya Guptha
Firmware Ecosystem Enabling Manager, Intel Corporation

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